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Nestled in bamboo forests and surrounded by rural farmland, Riverside Retreat Hotel overlooks the beautiful water of the Li River.
Away from the crowed, in your own private & peaceful place, Riverside Retreat orlistat 120 mg is only 10 minutes from central Yangshuo, the famous West-street & the Yangshuo bus terminals.
Enjoy the beautiful classic outdoor pool, a terrace which overlooks the green Yangshuo land and a stylish restaurant with mountain view, with Guilin Train Station and Liangjiang International Airport are 1.5 hour drive away
Guests can organize day trips at tour desk, or rent a bike or car to explore the surroundings. Alternatively, guests can enjoy the fresh air outdoors, or have a barbecue party. Meeting rooms and printing facilities are available for use. The restaurant serves a variety of local fresh dishes & international dishes.
English speaking staff and management would answer your any question while our local native Yangshuo family  would welcome you with open arms and heart, we welcome you to River-Side Retreat!

Luxury Rooms

Other Visitor's Experiences

Upcoming Events

Discover Local Cuisine
A night of local food - come discover Yangshuo cuisine. All made fresh from local ingredients and accompanied by an English speaking guide to explain and enrich your dining experience. Menu options include: Local farm vegetables fresh same-day made tofu hot-pot style dinner - come experience true Chinese cuisine
YangShuo Cultural Signing
30 November 2015
Come enjoy a magical night of authntic local Yangshuo signing. lead by Ms.Chen - a known figure in yangshuo local culture. Ms.Chen had been leading a group of local acadmics and authentic cultural signers to bring to you a magical night full of folklore music and local food.

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